Open for dine-in & pick-up.

We take a couple reservations daily, with tables also available for walk-in customers.

Call us at (779) 252-1174 to make a reservation or to place an order.

We make Italian pizza... We import Italian ingredients... we make our pizza two ways... Neapolitan style, which is classically light, soft and airy... or Romana style, which is thin & crispy.

We cook in a wood burning oven, we don’t overload or pizzas with ingredients, we make our dough fresh everyday and give it proper time to rise. We don’t do deep dish, etc... we make Italian pizza.

If you ask for a Neapolitan style pizza “well done”, its still going to be soft and airy, it’ll just be a little darker. Cooking it more doesn’t change the composition of our dough... If you want a pizza thats thinner & crisper, just ask for it Romana style.

We serve natural wine.. not because its trendy, its not trendy, but because we believe thats how wine should be / should have remained anyways... its weird to us that there are industrialized chemical filled bottles mostly everywhere.

We serve beer we like to drink and think goes well with our pizza.... a lot of Peroni... We make a  good Negroni, too.

We serve fried Italian street food-esque things (arancini, zucchini, polpette), some antipasti and a couple salads.

We try to be honest about what we do and don’t do. We try to get better all the time. The restaurant now is so so much different than it was when we first opened.

We also have a beautiful classic Italian restaurant just down the street. If you’re looking for big hearty pastas, steak, calamari, etc... we have it all at Capri Sogno for you.